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If we detect a suspicious transaction on your card, we'll let you know immediately by email, text and phone.

Banner Banks always has your security in mind. We strive to make sure using your debit card is both safe and convenient, so you don’t have to worry. Our Premium Fraud Monitoring Notifications, powered by the EnFact Fraud Monitoring system, will notify you immediately if a suspicious transaction is detected on your card by emailing you, texting your cell phone and calling your cell phone.  

When a suspicious transaction is detected, you can expect a

  1. email from: noreply@enfactnotifications.com 

  2. text message to come from the short code number 37268.

  3. A phone call from 1-833-735-1894

The email and text message will offer basic information about the suspected transaction, including the amount of the transaction and the merchant information, if available. Verifying a transaction is as effortless as replying “YES”, the system will mark the transaction as legitimate, and you can carry on with your purchase or payment by initiating another transaction. If you indicate the transaction is fraudulent by responding “NO”, you’ll receive a message with a number to call (1-833-735-1891 email or 1-833-735-1897 text) so further action can be taken. It’s quick, easy, and lets you stay confident while using your debit card.

If you respond to the email within 10 minutes, then the text message will not be sent.  You will have ten minutes to respond to text message before a phone call is placed.  Text messages and phone calls will only be sent during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. based on the time zone of your cell phone area code.

How do I sign up to receive Enfact Premium Fraud Monitoring Notifications?  

Debit cardholders are automatically enrolled in this service, and as long as we have your current email and cell phone number on file, there is no action you need to take.  Please be sure we have your current email and cell phone number on file so you can take full advantage of this service. If you need to update your email or cell phone number or would like to verify the number we currently have on file for you, give us a call at 715-449-2556.

Combine Enfact Premium Fraud Monitoring with our CardValet Service to maximize your protection.

  • Location controls restrict transactions to merchants located within a certain range of each cardholder's location (using the phone's GPS); transactions requested outside of the specified range can be declined
  • Users can establish spending limits to allow transactions up to a certain dollar value and decline transactions when amounts exceed pre-defined thresholds.
  • Transactions can be monitored or controlled for specific purchases, such as gas, hotel, travel, restaurants and groceries. Transactions can also be monitored and controlled for specific transaction categories like in-store purchases, e-commerce transactions, mail/phone orders and ATM transactions
  • Cardholders can disable a lost or stolen card.  When the card is "on," transactions are allowed in accordance with each cardholder's usage control settings. When the card is off, no purchases or withdrawals are approved until the card is turned back on

Learn more about CardValet at CardValet.com.

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